About us

Mr. Harbans Lal was born in remote village area adjacent to the active border of India & Pakistan. In 1915 i.e. during his young age only, he realized the lack of education among the people living in rural areas especially girls. After completion of his education,he got selected in railway department and rendered impeccable services to the state. Having retired, he put himself in serving the poor section of the society. He along with his nephew Mr. Kunil Bhalla started working on it. Thus, the trust came into existence on February 5, 1997 with 4 trustees and 1 Managing Trustee.HBET was founded in 1997 and is registered under the Indian Trusts Act. The mission of the Trust is to facilitate education for children (especially girls) belonging to rural border villages, from economically poor and educationally backward families. The organization focuses on the education of these children by providing financial, material, academic, social and psychological support. The support provided to the children and their families is through scholarships, Health Check Ups, Academic Camps, counseling sessions with psychologists and educationists. Other support is provided through interaction programmes with University & College students, participation in sports and adventure sports activities and an annual get together. HBET started out in its first year by helping 12 numbers of children. In the present academic session there are 400 member children whom we are helping with scholarships and all round support.





  • This past November at the end of 2015, HBET took on a new initiative to reward cash prizes to the meritorious students (1st and 2nd position holders) of Board classes (5th, 8th, 10th and 12th) of their respective schools. This initiative has been undertaken with a special purpose of motivating the students. Under this pro-gramme, the HBET team coordinates with the existing Government school teachers and receives the names of the deserving students. After finalization of the list, Managing Trustee along with the team members decide the area that is to be visited. These cash prizes are then awarded to the students in their schools in the presence of their respective Principal, staff members and other students.


  • Selection of deserving students for help by HBET. Fifty to seventy five new students are added every year to the HBET family. Most new students selected are from Classes first to third so that they can be associated with us for a long period till they complete their education. Selection is a complex activity carried out with great care where names of suitable and eligible children are sought from Government Schools in mostly rural areas. Names are also collected from existing HBET students of senior classes. First the HBET team conducts selection test for the students of class first to third. HBET Team also make Home visits to each and every prospective student to gauge economic status of the family and its interest in studies. Preference is given to girl children. Promising brothers and sisters of existing students are given extra weightage at the time of selection. This fits in with our strategy of selecting children from the neediest families. It also takes us closer to our mission of educating the girl child.


  • Starting with a very small number of 12 children in 1997 and now the number has been increased upto 520 children in academic year 2018, HBET has spent total amount of over Rs.1 crore 32 lacs through 5300 scholarships in Jammu Region. This year we expect seventy more children to be added to our student community.


  • Over the years HBET felt that one of the main causes of early termination of studies among our target children is their poor academic performance, especially at the Board examination level. Therefore as a part of extended activities HBET decided to organize three week intensive Academic Camps for students of 7th to 10th classes in their summer vacations. It is being organized since 2008. This year it is fixed from 9th June to 25 june 2018. The camp is totally free for the children. The Free services include, boarding, lodging and educational excursions planned during the camp.


  • Mentoring Project was a significant step taken by HBET in 2009 to enhance academic standards of our students. Under this project, we link our senior students (above 11th class) to class 6th of their geographical area for regular academic guidance. In this association, junior students receive free academics guidance and seniors (Mentors) receive additional financial help from us for meeting the increased expenses of higher education.


  • Experts from the psychology department of Jammu University provide periodic counseling to parents and students to maintain and increase their interest in education.They are much more definite about encouraging and supporting the children beyond the High school and up to college level and the attitude of parents undergoes a profound change and they rarely talk of early marriage of their girls. They are forthcoming in the way they spend the scholarship money making sure that it is used in the education of the child.


  • Special assistance for Students to ultimately stand on their own feet. Some of our earlier students are reaching level of higher studies. We encourage them to complete graduation, post-graduation or a vocational qualification. In case they require any additional financial or other support, we try to help them, even to the extent of helping them look for suitable employment commensurate with their qualifications. This fits in with our strategy of converting our students into future sponsors so that more children can be helped and HBET can become self-sustaining and spread out to more children in other areas. This also fits in with our mission of making our Children contributing members of society.


  • Our members are also active towards the help of the poors by providing them free medical help from time to time.




  • Every year we do an additional activity for improving the academic standard of our children for 8th and 10th class board exams. This year we are organizing the 9th Annual Summer academic two week camp from 9th June to 25th June 2017. About 45 students are expected to participate. They come from different villages in the Jammu region. Full free boarding and lodging is provided to the students. The camp is very fruitful for our students (all girls) where they learn new innovative things besides getting intensive coaching of their course syllabus. They also receive lectures on life skills development, attend educational excursions, picnics, evaluation tests, and we arrange counseling sessions with psychologists from the Jammu University. For physical fitness, they take part in Yoga and sports activities. At the end of the camp, there is a cultural program in which children plan plays, singing, dancing, and skits and also share their experiences. The parents, camp teachers, HBET team and well wishers are invited to the cultural program put up by the students. The best performers in academics, games, etc are given prizes. Please watch our facebook page to see our activities as they take place.